Thursday, May 31, 2012

My "What a Girl Wants" Weekly Wishlist

Yes, I know I can this my weekly wishlist and I don't actually do it weekly, but I still like the title so lets keep the w's and pretend that I do this every week. 

I'm obsessed with Forever 21 for some reason, even though I've never actually bought anything there yet. But, this time I think that I actually will because I love this dress.

This is a white chiffon pleated dress and guess what, it's under $25 and it's not even on sale! I can just see myself wearing this light dress in the summer breeze. I also love the fact that it's white. 

I showed my mom this dress and she laughed. I'm guessing because it's short (my parents don't appreciate short or extremely tight outfits). I told her I would wear this to my graduation next year and I would take it to a tailor to make it a little longer or maybe I can pair it with stockings (too bad the graduation would be in June and it would probably feel weird to wear sweaty and sticky stockings). 

All well hopefully I can go to the city and after scouring the racks of Forever 21 I'll find the dress (and maybe it can also magically become longer than in the picture). Ugh, if only it wasn't for my parents. Don't you get annoyed feeling guilty because you feel or know that your parents won't be accepting of your outfits? I still want the dress. I just have to negotiate. Wish me luck!

Fashionably yours, Amira J  

P.S. I plan to start an advice page featuring beauty and style tips. So send me your questions if you need advice via twitter (@vraifashionlove) or email ( or leave your question on my contact page. I'll choose a few questions twice a month and answer them, so send away!


  1. Love the dress! xoxo Demmy

  2. loving white for summer. so chic. Another fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post. xo


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