I am a seventeen year old named Amira J living in the middle of a big city called New York. Getting on a train ride, there are so many things to grab your attention: a lady speaking another language wearing African clothing or a man wearing something the cast in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air would wear. Fashion is everywhere and you would think living in this place, I would have so many opportunities at living my dream in the fashion industry. But, think again.

At nine years old, I went to my parents with my fashion sketches and told them I wanted to become a fashion designer. They degraded my dream and said "You want to be a tailor," as they laughed. It was then that I gave up. The dream never died, but instead deactivated, until 2011 when I decided to share my love of fashion in a place that they had no control over: my diary. Although, I no longer dream to become a fashion designer, I would love to be a fashion retailer and a fashion magazine writer oneday.

Amira J's Fashion Diaries

Fashion Diaries is a mix of everyday style and celebrity style through one-of-a-kind features like Amira Says (with the Raves and Rant edition and Tips, Tricks and Secrets edition), What's Juicy? (trends), Design-It-Yourself (DIY), Celebrity Style on a Budget and a few surprises here and there. All this in a young girl's diary learning her way around New York City's fashion world and sharing all her experiences in her diary.
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