Monday, April 25, 2011

My "What A Girl Wants" Weekly Wishlist

Well you know spring is here and it's time for shopping. You'll probably find me in the city soon. Maybe we'll even bump into eachother, although you won't know it's me. Right now I want some dresses. I'm really not a dress girl, but for some reason I just want some and so here's want I'll be looking for when I go shopping:





I just noticed a pattern in the dresses I want. They all have the same color scheme. I guess I'm setting the color trend for the season. Anyway enough about me. These dresses are all from Forever 21 and I j'adore(Translation in fashion diary lang.- just adore)them. Dress #1 is a casually glam dress for a low low price of $10.99Dress #2 is a taffeta petals dress for $34.80.Dress #3 is a voluminous rosette dress for $32.80. Dress #4 is a colorblock pleats dress and it is $22.80.Even though I tried to only look for dresses I could not resist the urge to look at some shoes to complete the look. Hey, it may not match but I still love these glittered gold stiletto heels for the cheap price of $24.80.

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