Friday, September 16, 2011

Brooklyn Muslim Designer Meets Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Runway

Fashion designer Nailah Lymus' line, Amirah Creations, made its runway debut in a Fashion Week show, one of New York’s most important milestones for aspiring designers.
Nailah Lymus is 27 years old and showcasing her work means more than introducing herself to the fashion world. As a Muslim, an African-American and a single mother, she sees the show as an opportunity to shed new light on Islamic culture and to break stereotypes.

“Many people think women in Islam don’t have any type of rights or think we’re very docile and don’t speak up, and we all wear black,” said Ms. Lymus. “But we’re women, we like colors, we like makeup, we like wearing bright things, and shoes and heels and everything that woman like. This is our religion, but we’re just like regular people.”

Ms. Lymus was reluctant to make her Fashion Week debut on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, and worried about the negative associations other New Yorkers might have with Islamic culture, especially today.

“I feel like we (Muslims) are finally getting back to a sense of ourselves,” Ms. Lymus said. “As the years go by, we do acknowledge what happened, but we don’t want to harp on it. We believe in giving Da’wah [giving back], and designing is my way of doing that.”

To see her fashion creations, go to

More of fashion week review on the way and my pictures from the Teen Vogue Haute Spot fashion show and guess what I also saw Victoria Justice.

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