Sunday, December 4, 2011

Victoria's Real Secret

You wanna what Victoria's real secret? Try to guess.
It's the awesome fashion shows! On Tuesday (yea, sorry I'm kind of late with this post, but I've been so stressed out lately with school. I'll try to step up my game) I watched the Victoria's Secret fashion show and I wanted to cry. It was so beautiful and unique. I've kind of imagined my own fashion shows when I have my own real line the same way, but not as great. So this is for those of you who missed it. I bet you won't miss it next year.

1. This black and white tulle with a parasol is so cute.
2. This was the premiere of the first light up bra ever. Isn't this so cool? These shows get bigger and better every year.
3. This bra was said to cost $2 million dollars. Can you imagine walking down a runaway with a $2 million dollar bra? She must have felt like a queen.
4. I love Chanel Iman and I love this outfit with her tutu and neon wings looking like a farie.
5. This hot outfit is draped in beads. It looks kind of Indian to me in a way.
6. Look at this "AWWWW" moment on the show. Maroon 5 performed on the show. Adam walked down the runaway with his girlfriend and kissed her at the end. Anyway other than that her outfit looks cool and Halloweenish.
6. This is so Victoria's Secret with the colors. I think it was a unique idea to use two umbrellas as wings.
7. Nicki Minaj performed at the show, but I think it was her outfit that mostly took over the show. Nicki Minaj has a creative style that is totally her own.
8. Overall this show was great. Kanye West performed and they has a surprise performance with Jay Z. Beyonce was there and you could see her baby bump. She wore a white dress. I'm not going to miss next year's show and hopefully I'll be there live in person.

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