Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spring into Ponytails

I've taken my braids out and now I'm wondering what I should exactly do with my hair. Ponytails is a style that's always in. Even though most people go with the simple ponytails I've learned that there's so much you can actually do with a ponytail. And it's perfect for Spring when you want to keep things simple but still go all out.
This type of ponytail is effortless and timeless. Just gather your hair to the side and tie it up with a ribbon and viola!

This is another side ponytail, but it's more of an up-do. For those of us with  short hair (if you're really willing) you can buy a ponytail that's your hair color to make your hair look longer.

This is a ponytail for people who have naturally curly hair or short hair.  I love the way Adrienne Bailon just tied it up and added a double head band.
Christina Milan went with the simple ponytail and teased  it, then tied it up. Fabulous!

Leave the best for last. I love how Rihanna used a head scarf and tied it around her head as a bow. Lately people have been doing this with bandannas

See ponytails are actually not bad and doesn't always have to be a simple ponytail. You can try a slicked back ponytail or a messy curly one or even an effortless one. There's so many accessories you can add to this do like what Rihanna did or you can use a bandanna like people are doing nowadays. You can even add a flower or special pin. Celebrities and models are into ponytails now. Just look down the runway or at an award show.

 Fashionably Yours Amira J


  1. I love Rihanna's waves there, it's the best in the bunch <3
    would you like to follow each other?

    1. Yes, her ponytail is my favorite out of all of them.


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