Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Laine Blogger Award (and some secrets)

I'm so excited and happy to announce that I've nominated for my first blogger award: The Laine Blogger Award. It shows me that people actually appreciate what I do. This dahling award was given to me by the lovely Demmy of Uniquely Demmy.

 Upon receiving this award comes some rules. So here they are:
1. Tag the blogger who awarded you. 2. Award five more bloggers. 3. Answer a few questions.

So below are the answers to questions that also let you on into some of my secrets. Enjoy!

  1. What is your current beauty obsession?

 I'm really not the type of person to wear make-up. But, a few months ago if you remember on my wishlist I added Brash roll-on eye shadow. I'm not sure if I told you dolls but I bought it. I have it in gold. I wore it once in my house to see how it would look and I loved it.But, the crazy thing is that I still haven't worn it outside. It's still lying in my drawer. I'm a little hesitant to wear it again, but I'm still obsessed. Don't you buy things and let it just lay around for a long time even though you want to try it? I do that all the time especially with clothes.

  2. What is one beauty item that you wished you owned? I wish I owned Baby Lips. I first saw it in Seventeen Magazine mesmerized by its look, then my friend bought it. I feel like it would be a better fit for me because of the fact that my bottom lip pouts out a little more than my upper lip (which I usually don't like to draw attention to). The colors are not too out there. They're more neutral and they blend. I hope to buy it soon.

3. What kind of posts are your favorite to read and write? I absolutely love outfit posts or just "a day in the life of a blogger" posts where the blogger lets you in on their style and life through pictures. I was going to do that once, but the camera of my phone doesn't have good quality. My family has a camera, but I rather own my own. I don't want to hear their complaints about the battery life of the camera or the memory. After I save up or get a job I'll definitely add that feature to my blog.

  4. What inspired you to become a blogger? Well, I had a computer class freshman year of high school where we were supposed to make a blog, which I did. But, then they switched me out of the class and since there was no need for the blog in school I turned it into a teen entertainment blog. It was not successful so I quit eventually. Then somehow I don't remember exactly why but I decided that it would be fun to share my love of fashion on a blog especially since my parents told me becoming a fashion designer was not a career. So that was the origin of this diary.

 5.What color nail polish are you wearing right now? Right now my nails are bare. Apparently, it's against my religion to wear nail polish (crazy right?). Until recently I've always worn nail polish, but now as I get older I'm trying to take my religion seriously. But, if I were wearing nail polish it would probably be a bright color like orange or yellow (which I've never tried before) or bright pink.

I would now like to award the following the Laine Award:
 <3 Anna James of Fash Boulevard
<3 Jackie of The Fashion It List
<3 Anna of Glamour Chocolate
<3 Alena and Jasmine of Fashion Flirt
<3 Reyna of Fashion Mist

I have to give another thanks to all my dolls and dahlings for keeping this diary going. Muah. And the last day of school for me was yesterday so expect some great entries soon.

Fashionably yours, Amira J


  1. You deserve it! I love your blog. xoxo Demmy

  2. Thanks I'm honored.

  3. Fun questions! Let me just say baby lips is some of the best chapstick out there! definitely get some!

  4. sorry honey for the very late reply since I am too busy with exams:(
    i'm following you now honey<3


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