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Micaela Ezra

Australian designer Micaela Ezra is starting to make a name for herself in the fashion capital of New York. She packed up her samples and moved to the Big Apple four years ago to gain more experience in the industry, after showing her clothing at Australian Fashion Week in Australia.
Before all of this fame, Micaela found herself sitting with designer Cynthia Steffe who offered her a job, where she remained for three years."It was only when she attended a party one evening she met her current business partner Maytal Sharifi, and the rest, as they say, is history – three stylish yet practical brands, Sine, Laila and Parameter, were born." Her labels are now stocked at Bloomingdales, Anthropologie and other boutiques around the world. was able to get an interview with her (as shown below).

What is the difference between Sine and Laila, and how did they begin?
Sine is a contemporary sportswear collection that presents a seamless union of creativity and functionality. We believe that wearing Sine is wearing your heart on your sleeve. Emotions are portrayed through vivid colors and expressive prints – many of these are my own artworks which we digitally print onto fabric!
Laila is an ‘effortless eveningwear’ collection that, as an extension, captures the same emotive spirit as its sister line Sine. It is a range of both cocktail dresses and gowns, also focusing on sumptuous textiles, exciting color and unique print. Recently we launched Laila Bridal!

How would you describe your designs, the lady who wears them, and how do you want her to feel in them?
The Sine collection is sweet chic – a mix of dresses and sportswear separates that evoke a nonchalant femininity. We use exciting color and hand drawn prints which spark emotion. Our Sine woman is confident, free-spirited and expressive; my ultimate intention when designing is to inspire and elevate the mood of the wearer so that she approaches her day with an excited and positive frame of mind. The best feedback I can receive is someone telling me they felt amazing in one of our dresses!

Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?
In anything that triggers my emotions – I am very inspired by art. I may see a painting, a fabric or even just a colour shade, and it will spark a vision. Often I look to vintage references – I adore the treasure hunt of a flea market or antique fair! I also find inspiration in the spirit of a person – someone I know or observe. The challenge is how to create clothing that reflects her character. Ultimately the woman who buys the dress, should be able to sense whatever inspired it.

Did you always want to work in fashion? How did you come to be involved in the industry?
I took a convoluted path to get to the industry – first I completed a commerce degree, then studied jewellery and textile design, and finally went to fashion college! When I graduated in Sydney, I was invited to show at Australian Fashion Week. Following that I decided to move to New York to gain more commercial experience. I came here with my portfolio and a bag of samples, literally knocking on doors in search of work! At Cynthia Steffe I was offered a position on the design team where I stayed for three years. In May 2009 I joined Maytal Fashion as Designer and Creative Director of Laila, Sine and Parameter.

What’s your favourite trend this season?
For day: Seventies’s blouses – they have such a feminine nostalgia! My favorite from Sine has delicate trapunto shoulder detailing.
For night: Metallic cocktail dresses – this is perfect for parties (I rocked it already!). Add some Eden jewellery and you are set!

Do you have any top winter fashion tips?
Layer! And as you get warmer and warmer, consider the people who don’t have that luxury – my tip this season (and all seasons) is to donate some old pieces to charity.

Looking to the future, do you have any projects coming up over the next few months that you’re particularly excited about?
We are all very excited at having re-launched the Sine collection with a revived aesthetic this spring. I am looking forward to the brand evolution, especially including more original artworks which people are responding to well.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Well, I cannot say which country I will be in, but within five years both Sine and Laila will be internationally recognised contemporary labels. I intend to be designing and bringing enjoyment to a vast number of women who wear the clothes I create.
See Micaela’s easy-cool designs at and for the rest of the interview visit

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