Sunday, February 20, 2011

Salon Effects or Beauty Supply Store Effects

First time I heard about it (well saw it) was in my friend's Seventeen magazine. Sally Hansen Salon Effects. It looked so cool and nice. They even had the gold nail polish color that I was looking for everywhere. I wanted to buy it ( and plus spring is coming up, so I would start showing my toes soon), but I really didn't pay attention to it until I saw it again in the CVS pharmacy paper. So I decided to look it up online and find out how much it cost because the CVS pharmacy paper didn't say. It just said $2 off. And here's me thinking it wouldn't cost that much. "Hmmm...If it's under $5 I might buy it." When I looked it up it said it cost $14.99. I don't if it's just me or maybe I'm just too cheap. But, I just rather go to the beauty supply store and buy nail polish for under $3. I can reuse again and again. It would last for months. Where as the Sally Hansen Salon Effects last up to ten days. I think I just go to the beauty supply store or maybe just until I start making real money.

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