Saturday, July 9, 2011

My "What A Girl Wants" Weekly Wishlist

Yea, so maybe I haven't been posting my weekly wishlist weekly, but it sounds better than calling it a monthly wishlist, let's keep the w's. So anyway this week I'm gonna go to American Eagle for some shopping,(window shopping, I mean).And here's whats on my wishlist this week: 1. This is an off the shoulder dolman sweater for $49.50. So cute!
2. These hipster flare jeans are $29.99 and can go right with the dolman sweater for a casual breezy summer day.
3. I say this owl pendant for $15.50 add the finish touches to the dolman sweater and hipster jeans outift, but that's after you know, you find some shoes to go with it like a pair of sandals or flats, no heels(remember casual).
4. This has nothing to do with the last three things I've shown you although it would go nicely with the jeans this plaid shirt that can go into the category of menswear is $39.50.
5. I love this embroidered boho top for $29.99 and it would go nicely with the owl pendant. This top is amazing.

So this was my wishlist for this week, we'll talk next time about what I want when I get my lazy self up from the couch or I'll really have to change the name of my post to My "What A Girl Want" Whenever I Have Time To Post It Wishlist.

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