Monday, January 9, 2012

Shop Like Beyonce On A Budget (And Welcome Blue Ivy)

Shop Like Beyonce On a Budget

White Stuff white t shirt
£18 -

Sparkle Fade red jacket
$59 -

Oasis blue skinny jeans
$35 -

Lace up boots
£4.99 -

Leopard print scarve
$8.99 -

I decided to dedicate this diary entry to Beyonce. On Saturday January 7, she and Jay Z brought Blue Ivy into the world. She was named after Beyonce's favorite number, which is Jay -Z's birthday and the day they met. The number is 4 which in Roman numerals is IV (prounced ivy). 4 was also the title of Beyonce's album and blue can from Jay Z's album The Blueprint 3 (if I'm not mistaken). Blue Ivy was born here in New York, my city. Well Congrats to both Beyonce and Jay Z.

Above is a set I created how to shop like Beyonce on a $200 budget and even smell like her with her perfume. I loved the outfit so I decided to recreate it. I hope you guys adore it too. We all know Baby Blue won't be needing this diary entry with her fashionista mom Beyonce.

P.S. The winner for the most unique and creatively dressed of 2011 will be announced by Friday so be on the look out for that as all the votes are counted up. There's still time left to vote even though the poll is closed you can still vote in the comment box of the post.

XOXO muaahh Amira J as always

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