Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What's Juicy? Nail Rings

I say alot of things that probably make no sense to you. That's why I have a feature called Amira Says. And you're probably thinking what does What's Juicy? mean. Well it's another word from my dictionary of my fashion fairyland up there in the outskirts of my mind. I feel like I should just have a page called Amira Says with my dictionary. But, whatever I'll probably do that another day. Anyway What's Juicy means what's hot. And what's hot right now is NAIL RINGS. Last week I was writing about nail polish and springtime. But, why not add some bling to it and glamorize it some more.

Beyonce has been rocking this in plenty of music videos.

And look even Fergie has been rocking this on stage in front of fans.

Nicole Richie has been glamming up her nails on the cover of magazines.

And you know what you'll probably find me rocking this on the streets of NYC. They're pretty expensive, but you can find them at Sears for a cheap price.Watch my nails sparkle even brighter in the spring.

Kisses from Amira J

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