Monday, February 13, 2012

Grammy Award Looks

I not only watch the Grammy's to see my favorite stars win awards but for the FASHION! and this year, it was amaziinnng.

I adore this dress but I don't feel like it fits Katy Perry's personality. It's more like a Marilyn Monroe dress or for older people.

I thought this dress was odd and I did not like it at all. I love you Nicki, but not the dress. She looks like a crab, sorry.

There was a big pompadour trend going on at the Grammys and it looked fabulous!

There was also a black dress trend....

This was my favorite look at the Grammys. The hair was great and her dress was hot. And her make up just fits perfectly. If I was on Fashion Police, I vote Rihanna the best dressed.

Many people wore black dresses including Rebecca Black and Guilianna Rancic.

Who rocked your favorite look?

Love Amira J

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