Thursday, March 29, 2012

Go Green With Trashion

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. I think we hear those three terms enough. And let's not forget about Go Green. We here all love fashion so I thought why not mash the two together go green with fashion? After all green is the new fashion isn't it?

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Fashion!

What's trashion? Yea, you may think it's just a mixture of trash and fashion together, but you're half right. It's really not trash it's just a way to reuse your old clothes and make new things out of them or even recycle them.

This was from Project Runway. They had a challenge to create a recycled but fashionable outfit.

Newspaper dress, really? Maybe this is not so realistic but it sure does look fabulous.

And you know what's crazy, but then again being from NY crazy things can actually be normal, anyway after I got the idea for this entry I saw a lady with a skirt made out of ties. Cool right?

Even clothes from the past can be used to make cloths or new fabric. So if you don’t wear it you can recycle it like what the girl did with this dress.

I love the three dimensional geometric shapes on this dress.

Even fashion designers are going green making models strut down the runway with recycled outfits.

So here are ways you can take things into your own hands and help the Earth:

You can REDUCE by
  • Learning how to make fashionable clothes last longer:
It's had to keep up with fashion. Just as soon as you fill your wardrobe with all the latest items, you find that the fashion world has moved on to something else. This is called a fad. You can avoid this by just keeping things that are classical in your wardrobe. Don't follow the crowd dare to be different (remember this it was the name of my first diary entry).

Buying into all the lastest trends isn’t good for your wallet or for the environment. So when you want to be environmentally responsible, but still look good, make sure you never buy on impulse, which I actually do a lot and regret sometimes. Save your money for those fashionable items you know you will wear and will look good on you and can last (meaning it has good quality). Fashionable items will always last longer if you truly like them and look good in them. Be honest, how many cute tops do you have that you’ve not worn more than once or twice? I know I have a lot.

You can REUSE & RECYCLE by
  • Giving small clothes to younger siblings or cousins or your friend's little sister
  • Giving unwanted clothes charity or people in need of it
  • Use my DIYS (with the help of the-tip-nerds on polyvore) . Just type design it yourself in the search box. Most of the DIYS require the use of things you might find in your closet or lying around your house.

If you Reduce, Reuse and Recycle then:
  • Clothing & textile recycling reduces the need for landfill space.
  • And remember that synthetic fiber products don't decompose, and because of that it present problems in the landfill and while woolen garments do decompose, they also produce methane which contributes to global warming.
  • Clothing & textile recycling results in less pollution and energy savings.
  • And more benefits will come just try it and see how fabulous trashion is on you and for the environment.
Click here to help: A Click To Go Go Green with fashion

Fashionably yours Amira J

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  1. This is so great! Your blog is so cool too! BTW, Matched is definitely worth picking up again if you get the chance. :)


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