Friday, March 23, 2012


Hmm what are fashcakes you may be wondering. Yea, it's another one of the things Amira Says. Fashcakes in my world are fashion cupcakes. Yes! I didn't think there was a such thing, but there is and they're fabulous! And remember how I was so uninspired, now I am. Yay! Well it would be pretty rude to not share anything of these fashcakes with you so here they are plus some things that may have inspired them:

This is a Louis Vuitton inspired cupcake. Pretty flowers on the side.

Michelle Williams is wearing a Louis Vuitton dress and I feel that this goes perfectly with the cupcake. I love the color on her.

This is a Christian Louboutin inspired cupcake. It looks so dark and mysterious, but it looks like there's something good hidden inside. And I bet there is.

Yes, maybe this may not exactly match the cupcake, but it does include some gold and red. I just had to add these because I love them. They're really high so I probably wouldn't wear them to a party without bringing flats or having somewhere to sit.

This is a Chanel inspired cupcake. I love the presentation especially the pearls.

And this is of course Coco Chanel. Isn't the cupcake perfect for her?

And last but not least, a Betsey Johnson inspired cupcake. This is probably my favorite because of the bright colors. I think that this cupcake really represents her and her collection.

This was a runway show for Betsey's collection and a model rocking a bright pink dress with Betsey's name all over it.

Thanks to Therese Aldgard photography for the fashion cupcakes photos. They look yummy! I would try to make them, but it probably wouldn't look as good.

Fashionably Yours (and once again inspired)
Amira J


  1. love the louboutin and chanel cupcakes! really cute and creative post :)

    1. thanks. i love the louboubtin cupcake too. the betsey johnson one is my fav along with the louis vuitton one.

  2. Cupcakes and fashion... Yum! I love this combination of two things a girl absolutely loves! Lovely post :D Now following you - thanks for visiting my blog! Feel free to come back and follow back if you wish.

  3. Love this post, the cupcakes look amazing! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, now following you :) xx


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