Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Your Prom Clutch

Prom season is here! Not for me though. Mine is next year and when the time comes I'll be sharing pictures my dress and the big day. Whether your prom is this year or not putting together a clutch is important and knowing what goes in it. This can be helpful for any occasion from weddings to just plain formal events. So here I'm collaborating with the-tip-nerds to bring to you: Your Prom Clutch.

Putting Together You Prom Clutch

ONE: Go to a department store and ask the sales person for a sample of your favorite perfume. Tuck that into the corner along with some bobby pins for any hair mishaps that may occur. You could even wrap them together with using a ponytail holder just in case you want to throw all your hair up later. Having them in the corner of your bag makes them a lot easier to find.

TWO: If you think you’ll need hairspray make sure you pick up a travel size bottle. Put it in the very bottom of your purse along with a comb. Those are the two things you’re going to touch less than the others, so putting them toward the bottom makes the most sense.

THREE: Your phone, blotting papers, and a flat leather card case will sit flat, side-by-side. Plus having your ID, debit card and/or cash in one place will keep you from having to dig around.

FOUR: Take a fancy lipstick + compact to keep it cute! You can check the back of your hair in the bathroom mirror using your compact.

FIVE: Trusty Tip- use a quick shot of spray paint to color match a safety pin (or two) to your dress for any emergencies. Tuck those into the other side along with some individual pieces of gum or couple of mints.

 I know, I know… “What about my keys!?” Think ahead. Leave a hide-a-key or put a single house key under the mat to avoid more clutter.

 credit to The Beauty Department ♥ Bristina

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