Sunday, August 5, 2012

Polka Dot, Polka Dot and Some Stripes

Ah, the classic polka dots and stripes. That's what I've dedicated this entry to. No matter when you wear them they are always "in." 

This neutral coloured sleeveless top is perfect for the fall -well, when you're indoors, that is. Florals and stripes were paired to make this Peter Pan collared sheer top fabulous.

Delight Stripe Dress
During one of my adventures around the city, I discovered this store named Brooklyn Industries and this dress in the window drew my attention. This dress is also available in grey and black which I prefer. I love the mixture of horizontal stripes with diagonal stripes.

I also love this polka dot wonder because of the color and the long cuffed sleeves (which is my favorite part). And this is definitely a look anyone can pull off in the upcoming season.

They-whoever they might be because I'm really not sure- say wearing too many different patterns is tacky, but I'll say otherwise and show you how pairing stripes and polka dots can look chic.

I really j'adore this look. I love the way she paired a tightly striped cardigan with cute pockets and a long sleeved polka shirt under. I also loved the way she folded up the sleeves of her cardigan to reveal some polka dots from her shirt.

A fellow blogger put this juicy look together by pairing a striped 3/4th sleeve shirt with a polka dot pencil skirt.

I apologize for my lack of  diary entries. I thought that I would have so much time in the summer that all I would be doing is sharing things with my dolls, but I guess not. I also mentioned a while back that I was honored with an award by another blogger, but I haven't had enough time to  post it. I will be adding all my awards on the sidebar soon for all to see. And I thank each and everyone of you for the interest you keep in my diary. Muah!

Fashionably yours, Amira J 


  1. The polka dots and stripes outfit is so pretty! I love polka dots. Since the beginning of summer I've gotten 3 polka dot dresses and a pair of polka dot printed platforms. xoxo Demmy

  2. I love the striped cardi with the spots under it too, I would wear that outfit :)

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, I am now following your wonderful blog

    Brooke xx

  3. The sheer nude polka dot blouse is adorable!

  4. I love the sheer blouses,the polka dots add a unique look to it. Nice Blog

  5. Love these choices! Both of these prints are timeless.
    I would mean SO much to me if you could check out my latest post!


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