Monday, September 3, 2012

Amira Says . . . Fall Essentials

Happy Labor Day! You know what that means? Fall is on its way. Right now I'm inside and I can already feel the change in weather. So it's time to say our goodbyes to summer.

To help you let go of the summer feeling, I decided to hook you up by updating you with some Fall trends.

So get ready to jump and hear the crunch of colourful leaves.

Fall Essentials
I say these are your Fall Essentials. . .

LEATHER- I really love the way leather leggings look and the pants from Hot Topic make me love leather pants even more. I've always wanted a pair. Leather leggings may not be right for the chilly Fall weather, but those pants are just right.

PETER PAN COLLAR- We've all seen it. Not only has it been a trend in the past, but it will continue to be one in the Fall. Didn't Peter Pan take place in the Fall? Hmm. I'm not sure, but it did seem like it.

DENIM- Well, most of us if not all have some type of denim in our wardrobe. You couldn't call yourself a New Yorker, otherwise because denim is essential especially in the cold seasons. Plus, you have a wide variety to choose from when it comes to denim, whether you wear jeans, a jean jacket or shoes that have a denim fabric (like some Converses).

PEACOATS- I had a gray one last year, that I will for sure be wearing this year again. My mom was upset at the fact that I wore it everyday throughout the fall and winter. Mind you, it wasn't really meant for the winter because it wasn't that thick. But, hey, no one should get in between a girl and her peacoat.

TWEED- Tweed is a kind of fabric like the jacket above from Target. I've never owned anything tweed before and I never considered it, but it will be a big trend this season.

LACE- For all who know me, by now you should definitely know I have a lace obsession. Hint, Hint... a good belated birthday present to get me. Haha.

September image found on Weheartit

Fashionably yours, Amira J


  1. cute inspiration!! i like your blog! love from las vegas.
    -jasmine o.

  2. love your inspiration. currently into leather pants and skirts too. love the tweed jacket. x

    1. Wow. I'm really into leather right now too.


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