Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sparkling Glory (Nail Art)

Dear Diary

Lately, I've been missing all of the holiday lights and decorations because I've been so dazed with the college application process. For those of you who haven't been through the process, I'll just tell you to be prepared. I started with my applications in the summer and I'm still doing them. Ughh. To those of you who have been through the process, please give me some advice to deal with this stress.

There's no way, I can let 2012 go away without enjoying this holiday season especially since it's my senior year. And I can't imagine my life after my regular school years are over. (Feels like my life is over. Like I seriously can't imagine college life. I'll be so old). So here's some sparkling glory nail art by Bristina of the the-tip-nerdss to bring some holiday pep and cheer.
Sparkling Glory Nails Art

Sparkling Glory Nails Art by the-tip-nerdss 

I just thought. Hmm even if I'm still too busy to enjoy everything, just looking at my nails will fill me with the holiday spirit. To do this:

First, you want to paint your nails an opaque white. Every nail polish is different so just do as many colors as you need in order to achieve a perfect solid white.

Now take silver sparkly polish and swipe it on one half of each nail. Don't worry about being precise. When it dries swipe on gold sparkle polish on the other half of each nail. Finish it off with a top coat 

It seems incredibly simple but the end result is beautiful. You'll be mesmorized by the silver glints turning to gold glints and the other way around.

Fashionably yours, Amira J

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