Friday, November 23, 2012

Amira Says, "These are your Winter Essentials"

Dear Diary

Ever since the hurricane and the nor'easter, it has been getting chilly here in New York City. I miss the days that I could just slip on flats and walk outside. Now I have to actually bundle up. Ugh. It's so much work trying to find different things to put to together and layer up with. It's been making me late for school a lot now. But, you know what I decided I'd make it easier on myself
and my dolls who requested a Winter Essentials guide.

You ever had those days where it was very chilly outside, but you were not staying outside, but instead going indoors? Meaning that you were going somewhere with heat, but you had to bundle up to  trudge through the icy winds outside to get to your destination. And then when you got to your destination, you would feel stupid for dressing like a snowman and it was so hot indoors. Yes, that happens to me everyday. I bundle up and I feel so smart as I watch others freeze with summer clothes on outside and then I get to my steaming school and I feel stupid.

Winter Essentials

Well, feel stupid no more because the best advice any one could ever give you to solve this issue is to layer up. Put your clothes on and bundle up and easily peel them off later. And you can do this easily with everything listed in this guide:

Sweaters and vests- They're warm and cozy. You wear something under them to stay warm and when your start sweating you just unzip or unbutton and take it off.

Leggings/Tights- We all have those days when we're in the mood to wear dresses, but it's freezing out. Especially, if it's a party, we'll most likely freeze our butts off to look fancy. So just make it easier on yourself and wear nice tights under. They come in different patterns and colors to fit your mood and style.

Chapstick- I don't know how anyone can live without any type of moisture on their lips. I know I can't. I go crazy with having to lick my lips every second, so I always make sure to have either Chapstick, Blistex, or Vaseline with me.

Casual boots/Wedge boots- I have both of these: the casual boots with laces and wedge boots. When you buy boots make sure you have at least one pair that is made for the snow, so you don't slip and fall. The wedge boots, on the other hand are for the purpose of fancy events. You want to look cute, but it won't work if you're freezing. So wear warm furry boots.

Gloves/Scarves/Jackets- These you will definitely need outside, especially if it's snowing. But, you can also make these work indoors, especially scarves. Scarves are my favorite key pieces in my wardrobe. Gloves can also work depending on your style (ex. skater chick). If your jacket is big (ex. North Face), I would recommend that you do not wear it indoors unless it's absolutely necessary. But, fall jackets or biker jackets can always work.

If you have any request ask me on twitter: @vraifashionlove or click on the first link in the sidebar. And I hope you dolls enjoyed your Thanksgiving. What were you thankful for? I'm thankful for living another day, my family and fashion.

Fashionably yours, Amira J


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