Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fashion Inspiration #1

Here's a new feature for you lovelies. I am always inspired by something new and I decided I should share it with you guys. So every now and then I will add a diary entry about my inspiration (consider this a new feature).

I just love this image so bold and unique. Stripes are something to look for in the spring season. Her hair is so bold too with the big bow on the side. And I'm usually not into the color red but this shade is beautiful. This look is edgy but still girly. Look at the flower by the neck. And the black lipstick! Can you rock black lipstick? I could never imagine myself being able to do that. What do you think about this fashion inspiration leave me a lovely comment below or question and I'll reply when I can.

XOXO Yours truly Amira J

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