Thursday, January 26, 2012

Truth or DARE? - Two-Toned Lips

Dare? Okay, then I dare you to try on two shades of lipstick and go walk around with it for the whole day. Two- toned lipstick is the new thing for lips nowadays. I feel that you must be really bold to try that on. Yea, maybe one of my new year's resolutions was to be bold this year, but no one said anything about being really bold. Well she looks happy. Maybe it's not that bad.
I think I may just stick to lip balm or try some lipgloss, maybe I'll even cross the line and try lipstick, but two-toned... I'm not ready for that yet. But, if you are here's the trick: pair up a neutral and bright lipstick and bam! Be bold this year ( I will too eventually). Tell me what you think and are you daring and bold enough to take this challenge on? Tell me your experience.

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