Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Amira Says *Rants and Raves Edition*

I know I haven't said anything about Fashion Week this time around, but I'm really not in the mood to write about it in my diary. If I have anything worth sharing though, I certainly will. Anyway...


I have a problem with Karl Langerfeld, a Chanel designer. Maybe you guys have heard about his comment about Adele about how she's "too fat." I'm not going to boycott Chanel or anything because there was a Chanel before Karl Langerfeld came along, but I will say that he has no right to comment on her size. Everyone is beautiful the way they are and no one should feel wrong about how they look (unless their size leads to major health issues). And Adele is fabulous. Just look at her at the Grammy's:

And she took home most of the awards (that says alot).

And P.S. did you know that Karl was just not long ago overweight himself? Wow crazy stuff right!


Have you heard of Celicia Cassini? Well, you're about to. Celicia is definitely living my dream right now. She is one of the youngest fashion designers in country and maybe even the world. Right now she is eleven years old and she has dressedmany people from Bella Thorne to Kelly Osbourne.

I love this bow, that I know she designed and made herself. It has my two fave colors pink and blue!

Here's Cecilia with Kelly Osbourne.

Aren't her designs just juicy?

This really inspires me and should inspire all of you. Anything is possible. I wish I was in her place right now. Maybe someday we all will.

Fashionably yours Amira J

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