Saturday, February 18, 2012

In Loving Memory....

I thought to myself very hard before I wrote this and I thought it wouldn't be right if I didn't, so I must. A week ago the world lost the great Whitney Houston and that same Saturday my aunt died. Both my aunt and Whitney died in the same place, their bathroom. Both events saddened me and I thought today I must take the time to honor both successful and talented people. This probably the first time you guys have seen me so serious, but I think today we should think back on all those we lost and not grieve but celebrate who they were and know whereever they are they are ok.

We all wait for the day,

when the key is turned,

the door is opened

and we can fly away

and be free,

free of pain, sorrow and suffering.

We may leave those behind us with heavy hearts,

But we must tell them to not worry

And that we will be okay.

We will meet again someday.

-Amira J

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