Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Design It Yourself: Zipper Headband

For some reason I'm not feeling too inspired and I've been super busy lately with all my classes. But I thought it would still be nice to give you guys a treat. Here's a diy zipper headband by the-tip-nerds(http://the-tip-nerds.polyvore.com/). Since NYC has some great spring feeling weather I feel like it's the best time to pull out my headbands and wouldn't it be better to design my own with random objects I have lying around the house. All you need here is a zipper and some bobby pins.
DIY Zipper headband

`Long zipper
`Bobby pins

All you need to do is find a long zipper that fits around your head, open it a little before you put it on, and take the bobby pins and secure it into place. So easy and awesome

Hopefully I'll get inspired soon and have something to write about even though there's endless of things to talk about when it comes to fashion.

XOXO Amira J


  1. really cool!thnx for visiting mu blog, I followed you

  2. Okay, I so just bookmarked this because it's adorable. Did you get a chance to make one for yourself yet?

    1. Yea actually I did. It was so cool because it's so easy to make. You should try it.

      Fashionably Yours, Amira J


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