Saturday, March 17, 2012

Geekly Chic

Lately I've been really busy with school, so it inspired me to make write this entry. You know there's nothing bad about being a geek, it's probably even better to dress like one.

Even models are trying to dress like us. Not bad though, right? And I love black and white photos

I've been wanting these TOMS for a while and I think they would be perfect for a geekly chic wardrobe.

I love these pastels, perfect for the fabulous spring weather. A side bag is great for a day out and carrying a few things with you. And a blazer is a must in any wardrobe whether you're going for a geekly chic look or not.

You can get this accessory from Amazon because even geeks know how to accessorize.

This would probably be considered menswear, but we girls can sport this as a juicy accessory.

I feel that even when people think plaid shirts are out, they're always in. I have a few of these in my wardrobe, but my friends think I'm in love with them (so not true lol).

Messy buns are great to achieve this look and I love the fact that she has a bun.

These glasses have been a big trend whether the people wear glasses or not they love to sport this. I've seen a bunch of people in my school wearing these. Most people don't intentionally go shopping to buy these, but keep their 3-D movie theater glasses, even when they tell you to throw it away so they can reuse it. But, you paid for the glasses along with the movie so you might as well keep it, right?

I think the high waisted jeans with the buttons are so cute, especially if they're in a different color. You can get these at stores like Forever 21 or if you're from New York you can get it from Rainbow's ( and Expo 2000.

I've got to say we geeks are quite fabulous! (Am I not?)

XOXO Amira J


  1. Loving the TOMS too. Luckily I got them today! xoxo Demmy

  2. I JUST did an article about GEEKLY CHIC on my blog, and I absolutely LOVE it! I think I love yours more than I like mines!

    You should go check it out!

  3. cool i love the style geekly chic i jus that style all the time i love it!!!!!


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