Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gaga for Baja

True Religion just released their lookbook for Fall 2012. They have a new collection called The Baja Collection. I looked through it, then I found this:
Remember how I was looking for a denim looking button-up shirt? Yup,I was still looking for the right one. This is perfect for me. Not plain like every other one I've seen thus far. I love the way the shoulders are filled with colorful stripes. Too bad True Religion is too pricey for me. I must find this shirt though at an affordable price. I will let you dolls know when my search is over.

 Seems like I've been missing you dolls for a while. I thought that this summer I would have so much time to spend on my diary, but I guess not. Lately, I've been taking some classes at NYU since you know my senior year is coming up. And with that said I'm also looking for some blogger interns in fashion and beauty and photography to help me out. I'm still working on the details. But,if you are interested please let me know. (The internship is also not paid, but you still get the benefit of gaining experience and adding it to your resume). I'll let you know when the application is up.

Also, I was awarded with the Liebester Blogger Award by Kassica of  Kassica Life Blog. I'll extend on that in a later diary entry. I have so much to tell you dolls. Just be patient with me.

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Fashionably yours, Amira J xoxo muah

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  1. Hi Amira!

    We love your blog! So fun to read, and love your posts.

    We just started our own blog and Polyvore. Please comment and follow!

    -Kendall & Tiana


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