Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lazy Day

Thank gosh that this college process is finally wrapping up. Between school, work, the application process, college classes, scholarship searches, I've barely had time to even sleep. I'm so happy it's finally spring break. Well, I have to admit it's not really a break, being that I have to go to work and attend school for two days during this break, but still I'll try to make the most of it because I seriously need a break.

A wise man named Bruno Mars once said this.
*singing* Today, I don't feel like doing anything. I just wanna stay in my bed. Don't feel like picking up the phone, so leave a message at the tone...*singing* 

The little birdies left their footprints in the snow.
Lately, I've been so tired and remember when I was wishing for a snow day? Yea, I'm over it. It's snowed a few times this March, which is pretty weird. You know it's Spring now, but it's still cold outside. So I'm still sporting my jacket, scarf and boots. But, I'm really getting tired of trying to dress up. I'm having those lazy days.

I always have those days where I have to go somewhere, but I don't want to really dress up.
Sometimes, I'll be sitting and watching TV, just chilling and my mom will tell me to go to the store for her. I'll get annoyed, but not because I don't want to go, but instead because I have to think of an outfit to wear. I'm not one of those people that just walk outside in pajamas and slippers. I feel uncomfortable because I like to dress to impress.

So I've discovered that I don't really have to worry about finding a whole new outfit to leave my house with. I can dress up my T-shirt (which is what I usually wear at home with some sweats). During the cold seasons, all you have to do is layer (like what I'm doing in the picture above), whether you add a scarf, a necklace or a cardigan. During the hot seasons, you can just tuck your T-shirt into your jeans, capris, or skirt and add an accessory. No one will notice your lazy day. You'll just look casual.

Even these celebrities have their lazy days, but manage to look cute.
Selena just added a necklace to her T-shirt, while Rihanna tucked her shirt into her jeans. Solange just added  a blazer. There are so many ways to go about dressing up a T-shirt.

Here are some fabulous looks I put together for inspiration for your lazy days:

Dressing Up a T-Shirt #3
For a casual day, when you're just hanging out with friends, pair these accessories up.

Dressing Up A T-Shirt #2
Attending a party? Nice accessories and hot heels are perfect for this T-shirt. No one would ever even remember you were wearing a T-shirt.

Dressing Up A T-Shirt #1
You don't even have to remain casual with a T-shirt. You can dress it up with a blazer and nice pants. This could be a good interview look that's not over the top.

So what do you usually wear on your I-don't-feel-like-doing-anything days?

Fashionably yours, Amira J


  1. Nice sets!!!! I love the first!
    Would you like to follow each other???

  2. love this blog!
    wanna follow each other??

  3. I love your lazy days outfit inspo! It's perfect!

  4. im sure you would! it's not hard at all. :) i love the pink blazer! following you now on gfc and bloglovin! hope you follow back! thanks! :)

  5. Liking the combo with the hot pink blazer..lovely!! Enjoy your free´s not getting easier!


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