Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Nights

There's just something about summer nights that makes everything seem so different.
It's as if there's something new waiting for you and summer is there to help you figure it out.
More days to spend at the beach and hang out with friends.
School is over and so much free time left on our hands to do whatever we wish we had time to do during the school year whether it's to travel half way around the world or discover something new. Summer nights are word can really describe it.
Summer Nights
It seems that people seem to have more confidence, too. No more having to layer up in big bulky jackets. There's is more freedom. I know I shop for summer clothes year round and when summer comes I cannot wait to jump into my new outfits.

Recently, I bought these sunglasses from H&M:
 I haven't worn them yet, but hope to soon.


At my senior award banquet, last weekend I also debut these wedges. These were pretty high and I've never worn wedges before, not that I remember.


I also bought this blue floral dress. It's from Forever 21. And mind you I rarely wear dresses, but lately I've found this new born confidence in me to try new things.

I really think it has to do with the beginning of these summer nights.
I'm definitely ready for these summer nights and even though I'm still nervous, I'm ready to start college with this new sense of confidence and style. I remember not to long ago, I was a sneakers and jeans kind of girl. Now here I am buying wedges and dresses.
But, this is not the only reason I'm ready for these summer nights. I'm also leaving the country for the first time. I'm nervous, but it should be a good and new experience. My summer nights will be spent in Africa.
Where will you be spending your summer nights?

Fashionably yours, Amira J



  1. so beautiful pics and nice thought

  2. Heyy I nominated you for a Liebster award. Check it here:


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