Saturday, May 25, 2013

Summer Yellows with Solange

Summer Yellows with Solange

As the sun sets, day and night fight for a share of the summer sky. They agree on an equal share for a period of time and what you have is a beautiful navy ombre scenery that merges with bright yellow remainder of the remnants from the hot summer rays of that morning.
But, they don't only fight for a share in the summer sky, but also in Solange Knowles' outfit and it seems more like yellow is winning. Solange wears yellow a lot, but she doesn't fail to incorporate the navy blue color.
Okay, so let's be honest, I was never of fan of yellow. In fact, I hated it, being that I had to wear the color for three long years in middle school as my uniform. But, yellow is a perfect color for accessories on a late summer night out with the girls.
 My favorite accessory is the Steve Madden shoulder bag. You'll always be sure to get noticed with that pop of color and look like a celebrity ( and no one will know you're on a budget)
What's your summer color?

Fashionably yours, Amira J


  1. I hated yellow too. I used to think of it as a pukey color but I love it now. Solange always makes it look so good. xx

  2. Great post, I used to hate yellow too, it's really grown on me this year. I'd have to say neon yellow is my favourite summer colour, but only in moderation!


  3. love yellow! great post, if you get a minute, i'd like to hear what you think of my new post!


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