Saturday, January 14, 2012

Maybe This Will Warm your Winter Up (Spring/Summer Ad Campaigns)

You know the weather here in NYC has been so crazy. One day you think springs here and the next day it's freezing like today. And it hasn't snowed here in NYC since October (which is really weird because it never snows in October). People said there were flurries yesterday and today but I haven't seen them. So I saw some awesome ad campaigns that I thought I shoudl share with you guys. It warmed me up today with this freezing weather.

JIMMY CHOO Featuring: Magdalena Frackowiak

These two really make a statement. Especially the red bright dress and the heels that go with it. Maybe you'll see me in a picture like this soon fighting over that bag.

Christian Dior feat Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is so pretty and that bag stands out making its own statement. It could have an ad all by itself.


Gucci showing off with both menswear for women and dressy outfits. Love the tie and blazer.

CHANEL Featuring: Joan Smalls & Saskia de Brauw

This is beautiful. I love black and white pictures where you only think about the meaning behind the picture and what is happening instead of the colors.

Do you have a sweet tooth for fashion? Then this is just for you!

Louis Vuitton

Here's something sweet for you guys. Reminds me of the ice cream truck playing music outside during the summer. This is one of my favorite ads.


Filled with ice cream cones, peppermint sticks, and other sugary sweets this ad is sugary sweet! Look at the amazing bags, wedges, florals and stripes and COLORS!

I'm warming up already. XOXO muah love Amira J...

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